Steel & Shade Net Carports

Shade Net Carports

Our Products

We provide a wide variety of products and we are able to provide our services to a multitude of clients. Whether for domestic homes or large industrial sites, we have the expertise and skill to provide our clients with the most reliable, durable and renowned products on the market.

Shade Carports and Steel Carports:

• Giant Shade Net Carports
• Cable Gazebo
• Pipe Gazebo
• Cantelever Cable Gazebo
• Cantelever Pipe Gazebo
• Standard Shade Ports

Specialised Designs:

• Shade net awnings
• Rondavels
• Shadenet Umbrellas
• Canvas Umbrellas
• Mobile Gazebos
• Flag Poles
• Safety Barriers
• Steel Ports and canopies

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