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2015-06-24-14-30-39Patcor was established in 1973, and we operate as a proudly South African company. We are a prominent name in the steel and shade carports industry. With over 3 decades of experience behind us, we have the skill to create, design and manufacture the most superior products on the market today. Not only do we offer our clients the most cost-effective and aesthetically appealing steel and shade net carports in the industry.

As a family owned business, we are entirely dedicated to our business, our clients and our exceptional product. We are always up to date with the latest developments within the industry, and will always be one step ahead of our competitors. Patcor has evolved and developed as a company over the years and we continue to grow from strength to strength,
always providing the most quality of products and carport design services. We are a company that is willing to grow and we thrive on expanding our business and take pride in watching our company flourish.

Patcor has become a leader in the industry because of our dedication to product excellence. Our shade and steel ports are designed to be of the best possible quality. We only use hot galvanized steel and combine this with the most durable netting. Hot dip galvanized steel is incredibly important to our design. This is a process where zinc iron alloys and zinc will be bonded to iron or steel substrate. This is done by dipping the steel or iron into molten zinc. This ensure reliability, durability and an unbeatable and quality end product.


We are also able to design ports to suit all our clients’ individual needs and requirements.

The Patcor team is made up of professional and skilled individuals, all of whom, are committed to providing an unbeatable service. We will work closely with our clients to develop and manufacture the ideal product to fit their specifications. Our service is highly personalised and we will ensure that our clients receive the best service possible. We guarantee that clients will experience a prompt, reliable and efficient service solution.